What’s Your Story?

We all have many story lines. Yet telling them, getting our messaging right is hard. Sometimes the pieces don’t fit together naturally. How can we weave them together to clearly convey our message and make it relevant to employees, customers and the public at large? How can we take our facts and figures and weave them into a compelling logical or emotional argument?

My role as a journalist and consultant is to weave together disparate pieces into a single compelling narrative. The result is your story well told.

Your story will:

  • Communicate your core values
  • Educate and inform the market
  • Build rapport and establish connections
  • Inspire and encourage employees
  • Clarify emotions/cope with problems

CSE Consulting

I work with individuals and organizations to articulate and communicate their stories to achieve positive business outcomes. In today’s fast paced world it isn’t enough to have a blockbuster idea, product, or message. You have to engage and connect with your audience to communicate your story. But for many it can be a struggle to capture the essence of their narrative. That’s where I help.

Once a compelling story is crafted, the challenge is to connect with an audience that is being overwhelmed with data and information. I work with clients to help cut through the noise and deliver the right message to the right audience to address a specific business objective. A compelling story is a powerful tool that can be used to:
Cheryl Einhorn Consulting Work

  • Develop new lines of business
  • Reorganize/reposition businesses
  • Align the workforce
  • Develop marketing plans
  • Create fundraising materials
  • Develop media strategies
  • Speech/ghostwriting

“Cheryl Einhorn’s advice is thoughtful, creative and valuable. She is effective and strategic in how she thinks about my work and growing my business. She is a pleasure to work with.”

- Tony Blair


I practice what I preach. The same work that I do for consulting clients I do for media outlets. For the past 20 years, I’ve written business, economic and financial stories for a wide range of print publications including Barron’s, the New York Times, Foreign Policy Magazine and Pro Publica. I’ve also spent many years appearing live on-air for CNBC providing insight and analysis into the futures markets. In addition, I’ve worked producing investigative television stories for Inside Edition where I won the ACE AWARD for achievement in consumer reporting for an investigative story on charity fraud. I’ve won several journalism awards for my decade-long work as an editor and columnist at Barron’s where I was named the best commodities reporter in the country.

My most recent story, is an investigation in to the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation. It ran in Foreign Policy Magazine and on Pro Publica’s website. Please contact me if you are interested in speaking about an investigative, feature or editorial story in the area of business, economics and finance.

cheryl einhorn journalism

The Process

My process is designed to create and execute a strategic plan to tell your story internally and externally. Each unique solution is developed to clearly illustrate your narrative in a variety of ways such as public relations, social media, website content, editorial writing, media strategy and so much more.

1. Diagnostic

Examine an organization’s key issues, products and/or services. Decipher the current story lines and understand how they are conveyed and perceived by employees, customers, stakeholders and the public at large.

2. Narrative

Create a concise and cogent narrative for the business and its products/services. Explore ways to better focus the organization’s strategy based upon a better understanding of its purpose.

3. Solution

Develop a clear and accessible strategic plan for how to tell the story internally and externally. Execute the plan that will grow the business.

Recent Work

Article about the International Criminal Court for the Christian Science Monitor

Article for Chief Executive about the limits of CEO free speech.

Story for Chief Executive explaining why some CEOs aren’t concerned about the strong US dollar.

Story for the Council on Foreign Relations about Tanzania’s new constitution.

Story for Chief Executive analyzing what the midterm election results reveal about the economy.

Story for the Council On Foreign Relations about the International Criminal Court entitled Delaying President Kenyatta’s Justice

October 6th – Cheryl’s moderated speaker series for the JCC of Mid-Westchester focused on 21st Century Education.

Article for the Council on Foreign Relations entitled An Expensive Lesson in Education.

Article for the Council on Foreign Relations about the Ghanaian economic crisis.

June 10th – Cheryl’s moderated speaker series for the JCC of Mid-Westchester with KIND Healthy Snacks CEO and founder Daniel Lubetzky.

Tony Blair’s speech, Why The Middle East Matters.

Tony Blair delivers a speech titled Education is Security addressing how to fight religious extremism before the United Nations at a session of the Global Counter Terrorism Task Force.

Can You Fight Poverty With a Five-Star Hotel?

Do Better CEOs Get Better Feedback?

Management Styles: Finding and Fixing Your Achilles Heel


About Cheryl Einhorn

I am a media consultant, award-winning journalist covering business, economic and financial news and a long-time educator as an adjunct professor at both the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and most recently at the Columbia Business School. At CBS I created and taught a course in Persuasion about understanding the role of communication in influence. I also co-teach Advanced Investment Research, which schools students in a combination of investigative journalism skills and forensic accounting techniques to evaluate investment opportunities.

I have had the privilege to work in many different forms of media including print, radio and television. I spent a decade as an editor and columnist at Barron’s where I won several awards including being named the Best Commodities Columnist in the country. I also appeared daily live on CNBC during my tenure at Barron’s and worked as a television news producer for the nationally syndicated television show Inside Edition where I won an ACE Award for consumer reporting for my investigative story into fraudulent charities.

I have given guest lectures, most recently at NYU, and participated at conferences, such as moderating a panel on Access to Global Capital with Tony Blair and Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame at the 2013 Milken Conference. I have been widely interviewed about business, economic and financial topics. Most recently, I was interviewed for a Forbes blog about understanding the role of communication in influence.

I am currently at work writing a book about the graduate level courses that I taught at both the Columbia Business School and the Graduate School of Journalism titled Navigating The Gray AREA: A Mindful Research Roadmap. I’ve also just completed a novel called The A Campaign.

What’s Your Story?